“Excellent authentic Mexican food and how you can tell authentic because there’s Mexicans in there eating.”

Mike H.

“The BEST Mexican restaurant I have ever been to! Get that caddy margh, ta die for!”

Nicholas H.

“Our favorite Mexican restaurant in Sacramento! Excellent food for a good price. Very friendly staff and a great atmosphere.”

Laura B.

“We had menudo, and they brought out a side of rice that was so scrumptious, you should check it out.”

Queen Vanilla

“This was so yummy! I couldn’t stop eating.”

Shyla W.

“Great tortillas, okay Pastor, marginal service, good food. Pretty much what I expected for a family owned decades old.”

Tob A.


Artie T.

“Great food and goblet sized beer. Huevos Ranchero is the best in town.”

masteryoda M.

“This place is amazing!

Jillian C.