Xochimilco is named for the floating gardens of Mexico City.

Doing it Big

Well-known and appreciated for its fresh catering food, Xochimilco regularly serves 50 to 500 people for companies like Wells Fargo and Pac Bell, but they will come to your house for parties of 20 or more.

The Scene

Xochimilco (So-chee-mill-ko) is a stand-alone building in an area where most places are closed by 5pm, so parking is never a problem. It’s sparsely decorated, but clean and well-lit, having recently acquired new paint and furniture.

Authentic Mexican Food

Authentic Mexican food, plus specialties like chile verde or shrimp ranchero – even a burger and fries for the less adventurous. The guacamole is chunky with avocado, tomato, onion and garlic. The nachos with “cheese” dip and fresh tortilla chips is a winner, but a bowl of Chile Colorado with a handful of freshly grated jack cheese melting in, it is wonderful.

What to Order?

Fish tacos, made with mild, flaky fish and fresh vegetables lightly grilled and served on soft corn tortillas with shredded lettuce, cheese and chunky salsa, are a delicious departure from standard fare.